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What is Halloween on Main Street?

Randall Jones is the man behind Halloween on Main Street. He loves Halloween. He also loves people. For years, he and his family have turned their yard into a Halloween experience delighting in the thrills of the children who come through his yard. Every year, he has found something to add and augment and make it even more amazing.

In 2016 when his friend and neighbor Tony Means was dying of brain cancer, he was hit with a stroke of inspiration to use his Halloween experience to help raise money to help his friend’s young family. Halloween became so much more. Not only did he add more to what he was already doing, but he brought the neighborhood and community together to rally around this family. This experience changed Halloween for all of us.

Helping families in need has become the central focus of Halloween on Main Street. It is still about having a ton of fun, but it is now way more. Come join us in wrapping our hearts around these special families that need a little bit of love and support.

Who have we helped before?

2016 – Means Family

Halloween of 2016 was a very bittersweet holiday for us. My husband, Tony, had been battling an aggressive brain cancer and was toward the end of his life. At the time, we had been blessed with six beautiful children and had another baby on the way.

When our friend and neighbor Randall Jones approached Tony and myself and asked if we would be the recipients of his Halloween haunted house fundraiser, we were so humbled and felt an immense gratitude to him and all volunteers for choosing our family.

The fundraiser was a huge success and I was able to use the funds to pay Tony’s medical bills and then to pay for his funeral expenses (just one month later). While the financial help to our family was an incredible blessing and helped me so much in taking care of my family, it I was the friendship, love, encouragement, and hope that helped carry Tony through his last month of his life, and greatly contributed to lift my children and my spirits for many months after the event. I was touched seeing family, friends, neighbors, and even those who did not know my family rally around us and show us such genuine love and goodness in the people in our community.

– Erica Means